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Purchase a blue ball for $250 - for a chance to win a holiday worth 20% of the total funds raised.

Blue balls to be launched at the Airnorth Cable Beach Polo Arena Sunday 19 May.

1-in-250 chances to win.

Airnorth Cable Beach Polo is pleased to support its Charity Partner, the Royal Flying Doctor Service with the Blue Ball Challenge which will launch in the polo arena on Sunday 19 May 2019.

With only 250 balls being sold, the odds are favourable for one lucky winner to receive a holiday package valued at 20% of the total funds raised, Each ball will have a unique number to determine which one reigns victorious on the day by landing closest to the target in the arena.

Our goal is set at $62,500 and balls can be purchased here, or by calling Cable Beach Polo on (08) 9192 0588.

The holiday package will be determined based on the total funds raised through the sale of blue balls.

For more balls:
$500 = 2 balls
$750 = 3 balls
$1000 = 4 balls

RFDS greatly appreciates your donation and last year, thanks to you, Cable Beach Polo proudly raised $33,345.

Thank you and good luck,

The Cable Beach Polo Team