5 Extraordinary Reasons To Visit Broome

By February 5, 2014Blog, News & Media

#1: Extraordinary Beach Polo – the massive tides of up to 10 metres that wash Cable Beach twice a day compact the sand, creating a surface that is firm and consistent and possibly one of the best sand playing surfaces in the world. The annual event is a spectacle on one of the world’s most breathtaking beaches.

#2 Extraordinary Natural Wonders – Broome has an abundance of unique natural wonders worthy of exploration. For example, a flight to the Horizontal Waterfalls is an exciting day tour from Broome, and conditions are ideal during the beach polo festival due to the recent full moon and the resulting huge tides.

#3: Extraordinary Fishing – the pristine ocean along the north-west pearl coast is rich with an amazing variety of fish. Whatever the goal, whether reef fish like gold band snapper and bluebone (parrot) fish, sport fish like trevally and tuna, game fish such as sailfish and marlin, or even creek fish such as barramundi and threadfin salmon, it will be an unforgettable experience.

#4: Extraordinary Pearls – the Kimberley coast is the home of the Pinctada maxima shell, mother to the most beautiful pearls in the world. Since the 1860s, when the mother-of-pearl shell beds were first discovered, pearling has been an important part of Broome’s economy and history and industry leader, Paspaley, is the obvious destination to explore those highly prized gems.

#5: Extraordinary Cuisine – due to the influx of people from all around the world, lured to Broome by the pearling industry over the decades, the cuisine of the town has been influenced by a diversity of cultures. Local menus celebrate the quality of the fresh seafood particularly – direct from ocean to table – and feature delicacies such as the white-flesh threadfin salmon, the rare pearl meat and the full-moon flesh of the mudcrab